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MaxMPG All Season Diesel Fuel Additive (1 Gallon Bottle)

MaxMPG All Season Diesel Fuel Additive (1 Gallon Bottle)

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MaxMPG contains a concentrated level of cetane booster which tremendously upgrades power and performance in all diesel equipment. MaxMPG also has a powerful level of injector cleaner, lubricity additives, corrosion inhibitors, water dispersants and fuel stabilizers. MaxMPG should be used at every fill up to turn standard pump diesel into premium diesel.


    • Increases Fuel Economy Up To 10%

    • Boost Cetane Up To 7 Points

    • Maintains Clean Injectors

    • Extends Engine Life

    • Improves Power & Performance

    • Prevents Rust & Corrosion

    • Neutralizes Acids and Disperses Moisture

    • Decreases Soot Emissions By Up To 66%

    • Decreases DPF Regens and DEF Usage

    • Lowers EGT

    • Smoother, Quieter Running Engine

    • Can Be Used in Any Diesel Engine

    • 16 oz Bottle Treats Up To 400 Gallons Of Fuel

1 Gallon Bottle

SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

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