All Season MaxMPG

MaxMPG was made and formulated by Industrial Injection to help increase performance and and power in our customers trucks! It was previously known as Duece Juice and has since been renamed MaxMPG. This fuel additive is a 6 in 1 fuel additive to help meet all your diesel needs. We strive to help your truck be the best it can be and thats where MaxMPG comes into play. MaxMPG contains a concentrated level of cetane booster which tremendously upgrades power and performance in all diesel equipment and trucks. MaxMPG also has a powerful level of injector cleaner, lubricity additives, corrosion inhibitors, water dispersants and fuel stabilizers. MaxMPG can increase fuel economy up to 10% and decreases soot emissions by up to 66% all while decreasing DPF regens and DEF usage. This formula comes in 3 sizes of bottles including 16 oz, 1 gallon and 5 gallons. MaxMPG should be used at every fill up to turn standard pump diesel into premium diesel.


-Increases Fuel Economy Up To 10%

-Boost Cetane Up To 7 Points

-Maintains Clean Injectors

-Extends Engine Life

-Improves Power & Performance

-Prevents Rust & Corrosion

-Neutralizes Acids and Disperses Moisture

-Decreases Soot Emissions By Up To 66%

-Decreases DPF Regens and DEF Usage

-Lowers EGT

-Smoother, Quieter Running Engine

-Can Be Used in Any Diesel Engine

-16 oz Bottle Treats Up To 400 Gallons Of Fuel

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