Winter MaxMPG

MaxMPG Winter Blend is fully formulated for the most brutal conditions of winter. Whether it be an average winter day or a snow storm, this winter blend will fill all your diesel needs. MaxMPG Winter Blend has powerful cetane, lubricity additive, keep clean detergent package, water dispersant and de-icer chemicals to prevent paraffin wax precipitation during cold weather. We do this by minimizing the size of the wax crystals, allowing the fuel to travel through the fuel filter at temperatures 20 degrees Fahrenheit below cloud point (wax temperature point) of the diesel fuel.


-Reduces Fuel Line Freeze Ups Down To -40˚ F

-Lowers Pour Point To -65˚ F

-Boosts Cetane Up To 4 Points

-Maintains Clean Injectors

-Increases Fuel Economy Up to 10%

-Improves Power & Performance

-Prevents Rust & Corrosion

-Neutralizes Acids & Disperses Moisture

-Decreases Soot Emissions Up To 66%

-Decreases DPF Regens and DEF Usage

-Extends Engine Life

-Lowers Exhaust Gas Temperatures

-Smoother, Quieter Running Engine

-Can Be Used in Any Diesel Engine 

-16 oz Bottle Treats Up To 125 Gallons Of Fuel

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