All Season MaxMPG

All Season MaxMPG

 All Season MaxMPG by Industrial Injection is formulated to help diesel owners trucks run smoothly and efficiently.  All Season MaxMPG is made to help support the engine by boosting cetane up to 7 points and it helps maintain clean injectors. One of the biggest benefits of All Season MaxMPG is the increased fuel economy up to 10% and it extends your engines life. It also improves power and performance while preventing rust and corrosion within the engine.

These are just some of the reasons diesel owners turn to MaxMPG for their trucks and overall they stay on the road longer. This formula is a 6 in 1 diesel fuel additive helps neutralize acids and disperses moisture evenly throughout the engine. This benefits the engine because it will help keep the inside of your engine clean and have the moisture spread throughout the engine. 

All Season MaxMPG can also help decrease a number of important problems that truck owners may run into. It decreases soot emissions by up to 66% and decreases DPF regens and DEF usage. By decreasing these factors it will help extend the engines life and keep your engine clean. It will even lower exhaust gas temperatures which will help keep your engine cool and running like the dream truck.

While all of these benefits will help your truck run to its top potential its not all it can help with. By using All Season MaxMPG with every fill up you will hear the and feel the difference. Your engine will run smoother and quieter after just a couple fill ups. It can also be used in every diesel engine so no matter what your drive it will work for you! 

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